LED SpA® – SURTRON TOUCH HP, the new generation of the electrosurgery


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the new generation of the electrosurgery
Performance, usability, design and reliability: these are the strengths of the new SURTRON TOUCH HP.

A radiofrequency generator suitable for microsurgery and precise surgery in monopolar and bipolar modality.

The initial setup of SURTRON TOUCH HP and the adjustment of settings during a surgery are easily selectable through the large touchscreen.

The simplicity of the SURTRON TOUCH HP allows you to use it without any learning time, resulting in time savings.

Two surgeons can work
simultaneously and
integrated Argon unit.
Over 35 years of experience in electrosurgery field and the continuous technical research have led to the design of SURTRON TOUCH HP. A new generation of technologically and functional features.

SURTRON TOUCH HP enables highly professional surgery with ergonomic and safety solutions. The connection of the neutral electrode is continuosly monitorated, if a split neutral plate is used, the device will monitor the contact between the patient and the electrode. The possibility to switch the functions and to set the supply of the power from the handpiece allows the execution of interventions without distracting attention from the operating range.

_ Simultaneous activation of Monopolar and Bipolar

_ Contemporary dual monopolar

_ Contemporary dual bipolar

_ Integrated ARGON unit

_ Power control depending on impedance

_ Activating power with pedal and / or handpiece

_ Neutral-patient electrode contact control

_ Cutting function under saline solution TUR

_ Modular cut in wet conditions BLEND

_ VESSEL SEALING to clamp vessels up to 7 mm

_ Possibility of use for minimally invasive surgery

_ Monopolar / Bipolar functions

_ Autostart / Autostop in Bipolar modality

_ Adjusting the intensity of the sound