Philips Burton LED Surgery light® – Examination Lights : Outpatient® II / CoolSpot® II Combination Models


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Outpatient® II / CoolSpot® II Combination Models

The minimal heat output and high color temperature of the Outpatient® II along with the incredibly pure, white light of the CoolSpot® II combined. Available in ceiling mount or Fastrac mount.

Ordering Information

  120V   230/240V   230/240V SP*   100V   Description
  OC516CC   OC525CC   O202CC25   OC515CC   Combo, ceiling mount
  OC516CT   OC525CT   OC515CT   Combo, Fastrac mount


  Model Description
  0006130PK   Outpatient® II replacement bulbs, 3/box
  1008465   Outpatient® II handle replacement
  0007006PK   CoolSpot® II replacement bulbs, 3/box
  1008466B   CoolSpot® II handle replacement
  0008100PK   Light handle covers, sterile, 25/box
  1008259   42″ Drop tube
  1008060   Special length, max. 58″ drop tube

*SP Model refers to Spanish Language Manuals.