Infinium® – ATS Lateris Surgical Table Intuitive Motion


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ATS Lateris Surgical Table
Intuitive Motion

ATS Lateris SurgicalBuilt to the foremost standard of quality, with intuition and stability in mind. The ATS Lateris Surgical table exceeds the standards in patient positioning. The ATS surgical table features a C-arm compatible table top with up to a 1000 lb lift capacity (optional). The ATS is equipped with a 180 degree rotating tabletop to maximize patient imaging access. The horizontal movement feature maximizes efficiency in patient imaging. The ATS can also be& adjusted to a low height of 24 inches off from the floor to allow the surgeon better access while sitting.

ATS Surgical TableThe ATS Surgical table is mobile with 4 anti-static castors. The floor lock system braces the table in place with unyielding stability. A battery backup system (optional) can continue to power the table for hours in case of a power failure. The hand controller is outfitted with safety locks to avoid unintentional table movement. Return to level can be done quickly and efficiently with the touch of a button.

Silent electro-hydraulic movements
500 LB Lift Capacity
Electronic control with safety lock
Mobile anti-static castors with floor lock
Horizontal Slide for Imaging Applications
180 degree table top rotation
Flex / Reflex positioning
Easy access to electro-hydraulic system for service
Optional battery backup
Optional auto-reset / level function
Optional 1000 LB lift Capacity
ATS Lateris

ATS Lateris

180 degree table top rotation for optimal surgical access
Lateral slide movement for optimal imaging access
Surgical Table RemoteErgonomic Hand Control

Easy Touch Positioning
“E” Lock button to avoid accidental movement
Floor lock / Unlock
Optional Return to Level
Table PositioningTrendelenburg

Reverse Trendelenburg
Reverse Trendelenburg

Flex / Reflex Positioning
Flex / Reflex Positioning

Back Up Positioning
Back Up Positioning

Lower Body Imaging
Lower Body Imaging

Upper Body Imaging
Upper Body Imaging


Height 700mm~1100mm
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
Title Left/Right Oblique 15°,
Chest Plate Adjustment 25°/ 35°
Back Plate Adjustment +75°/ -20°
Head Plate Adjustment +20°/-90°
Leg Plate Adjustment 90°
Leg Plate Angle 0~ 90°
Rotation 0~ 180°
Longitudinal Shift 350mm
Wired Remote Control
Reset to Level Function Optional
Emergency Power Supply Optional