SIUI® – เครื่องอัลตราซาวด์ สำหรับสัตว์ Veterinary Ultrasound ” SIUI ” – Apogee 3300V Neo


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เครื่องอัลตราซาวด์ สำหรับสัตว์ Veterinary Ultrasound ” SIUI ” – Apogee 3300V Neo

Apogee 3300V Neo

Color experience with simplicity
With high image performance and complete application package, we believe that Apogee 3300V Neo will cater to veterinarians’ demand with the competitive quality and price in its kind.

Neat and clean design
18.5 inch medical LCD monitor
4 probes sockets
Various probes for comprehensive application, including micro-convex probe, convex probe, linear probe, linear rectal probe, phased array probe etc.
Complete Cardiac package: CW, TDI, Color M model, AMM etc.
Streamlined workflow: Auto Fit, Smarchive, intuitive control panel

Leading imaging technology from high-end models

Balanced echo compensation effectively compensates the weak echo signals and restrains the hyperecho signals according to the gray scale distribution, and delivers much more uniform image.

Fuzzy logic flow is applied to enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.

Fusion THI 2.0 delivers penetration-improved image by effectively increasing image resolution and tissue contrast.

Xbeam 2.0 effectively increases the spatial resolution and reduces tissue shadow.